I had Jason Edmiston answer my question as to “What did the hunting photo look like in Planet of the Apes?” 

I think he nailed it!

Going to see RISE OF THE APES in a few hours. So excited!

My favorite Jason Edmiston piece. 


The arm folding intros for the World Cup always keep me entertained. Enjoy the best one, and some of the worst ones. 

"How does I fold arms?"

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These Guys Are Trying to Improve Lebanese Sex Lives
“If my girlfriend doesn’t come, can I return this?”
That’s one of the stranger queries the founders of Yalla Condoms have had from customers since launching their lube and condom delivery website a little over a week ago.
According to Yalla founders Zadi Hobeika and Robert Tabet, the site is a result of a very local problem. They say that the average Lebanese person isn’t exactly comfortable when it comes to buying contraceptives. So at a party in January of this year, the two came up with a remedy: a discreet service that could supply a vast array of condoms, lube, creams, and various sex-related accessories to the masses, allowing them to practice safe sex while also broadening their horizons. In a society where the neighborhood pharmacy may well be owned by your family’s landlord, any opportunity to avoid an awkward encounter while buying all your sexual paraphernalia is a welcomed one. 
Hobeika, 28, has lived abroad most of his life, but owns an advertising agency in Lebanon and recently left Google Dublin to come back to his homeland. He made the move in the hope of working on projects that he feels passionately about, and watching him switch between laughter and mock seriousness, it becomes immediately clear that he and Tabet are enjoying their first foray into the sex-product industry.

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Cheers to the Revolution: Kiev’s Beautiful Molotov Cocktails


Why haven’t I seen this 700 times already? 

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Cuauhtémoc Suárez